This academic project is ideated and developed by Rui Wang, Peiwen Li, Yihao Yin & Zhongyue Ma under the guidance of Prof. Gauri Misra-Deshpande in her Digital Medial for Advertising class. (THIS PROJECT FOR THE 2021 SHARK TANK OF WELLNESS STUDENT GLOBAL COMPETITION )

We are a team of advertising graduate students from SCAD. Our project is related to people’s sleep quality. We are focused on community sleep health. We believed that improving the sleep environment can help more people with sleep quality. Our goal is to find a new way that can replace medical treatment to enhance sleep quality.

Sora, An indoor sleep skylight that helps create the optimum sleep environment in your home. The app allows you to simulate environments from the geography of your choice to wake up to or fall asleep in.


18-45, People with sleep disorders, People who are looking for a way to improve sleep quality without taking drugs.


Case Study Video, APP, OOH Ads, Social Media Ads.


Rui Wang, M.F.A., Advertising, Savannah College of Art and Design
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Peiwen Li, M.A., Advertising, Savannah College of Art and Design
Zhongyue Ma, M.F.A., Advertising, Savannah College of Art and Design
Yihao Yin, M.A., Advertising, Savannah College of Art and Design





We spend one-third of our life either sleeping or attempting to do so. Sounds easy, But having good sleep quality has become a vision for most people.
About 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. Globally, 77% of surveyed adults recognize that sleep impacts health, 62% admitted they sleep only somewhat well, and 44% stated that their sleep has worsened in the past five years.
Sleep is a sensory experience. To change how people sleep, our team has created SORA — an innovatively designed skylight that can replace or complement the light source in your bedroom to enhance the environment and improve sleep quality.
SORA can simulate natural light by an AMOLED screen and adjustable light to help your body produce melatonin suitably to help your sleep and wake up. SORA wakes you up with natural sunlight instead of blasting alarms to wake you up.
When SORA’s external sensor receives noise that may affect your sleep, the built-in speaker with artificial intelligence plays white noise using its noise-masking technology.
User’s who have poor sleep quality working remotely can customize their SORA to their target time zone and weather. Using the fully personalized app, the users can select whatever sleep atmosphere they want, from the sky to the deep sea or even the universe.
Also, the research shows that an improved sleep environment is 38% more efficient than taking drugs to help sleep issues. We believe sleep should always be an effortless activity. 
Sleep Naturally, With SORA.







“Have you considered adding some interactive features to the product, such as adding a camera or infrared detector, which can track your eyes or sleeping posture to automatically recognize whether the user is asleep or not, to adjust the light automatically? And the content played on the screen?”
“I love your design, and I see that you have provided a solution that uses an adapter to connect to the power supply for the user's convenient install. That's also my concern before I saw the back of the product. I want to ask if you will provide an adapter or users need to buy it separately?”
“I’m curious if your product includes an alarm clock function? For example, when the set time is reached, the screen and lights will change their brightness to wake up people naturally.”
“Although the wood materials look beautiful and they have the emotion of embracing nature, I prefer modern products. If you have different materials, you may have more choices.”
“My opinion is : It seems a bit complicated through APP to control the weather, scenes, etc., because I enjoy smart furniture very much, and many products in my house are supported by Google Alex. I can easily control them by voice. If possible, you can consider adding voice control that can control your products. But, Honestly, I think you guys get a really great idea. Just imagine how pleasant it would be to lie on a bed and look at the sky.”
“This idea is really cool. I love it; you can get a skylight in your bedroom while it can help sleep. 
It's so cool. I was wondering if the screen can play Netflix, HBO, or YouTube.”
After the Review from the reviewer, some of them are really interested in SORA and wondering if they can choose the material for the side speaker panel; except Metal and Leather, they are wondering if we can add material like carbon fiber or forge carbon to make some special edition. One of the reviewers asked if he can adjust the sound volume of our environmental sound, and we didn’t consider that before.
“I think your product is really interesting. I like it! I don't know what can be changed or improved.  I think it is perfect. The only thing is I want to know where I can buy it. They look so beautiful. Thank you.”
“It's so fresh to me; I love the sky; I really like to watch the sky in a daze; the sky seems to calm me down. I like your design, Minimalism, with the wood material. It seems to give people a healthy feeling. I would like to know if you have other materials that can be replaced or customized. Because if I buy this, I really want to get more material or colorways.”
“You might consider providing fixtures where the slide rails. I think it's unstable now.”





Sleep is a sensory experience. In general, The bedroom space should be a relaxing place and not a source of stress or stimulation. In more than 20 countries worldwide, 64% of respondents recognize that they have sleep problems. But most people don't realize the importance of the sleep environment. In fact, The sleep environment has become an indisputable key point to enhance your sleep quality. 
SORA has always focused on community sleep health. We have always believed that improving the sleep environment can help more people with sleep quality. 
And now we're on a mission to make sleep easier than ever for everyone with innovation, bring a nice sleep environment, and improving sleep quality.
A good sleeping environment leads you to fall asleep easily, from the time you are relaxing in bed after a long day to the pleasant SORA. SORA allows you to wake up refreshed.


95 Respondents; 23 Questions

According to the survey, there are 44% of people always being affected by sleep disorders. 
Among our interviewees, the inability to fall asleep is the top problem, accounting for 43% of sleep problems. 
38% of people experience dreaming and awakening during sleep. 
The result has shown that the sleep environment has become the biggest factor affecting sleep quality.  

  • 24% think that light affects sleep,  

  • 41% think that noise affects sleep quality,

  • 28% think the temperature has contributed to sleep quality.

Although 50% of people have used drugs to aid sleep, everyone generally does not support drugs. 
About 73% of people believe that drugs are not a good way to improve sleep quality. 
92% of people willing to try new ways of improving sleep quality. 
60%-80% of respondents with sleep problems use electronic devices before going to bed. 
Although nearly half of the respondents take a nap during the day, 48% of people don’t have enough sleep.​



18-45 years old;
People with sleep disorders;
People who are looking for a way to improve sleep quality without taking drugs.



Income: $15.000 (O53 Colleges and Cafes) 
Location: Live with three roommates in an apartment near the college. 
Occupation: Medical Student of Columbia University 
Kylie has five classes a week and lots of homework, she also needs to prepare for lab all the time.  
Her roommates always making noise, which makes it difficult for her to fall asleep at night. 
irregular sleep schedule and anxiety make her sleep quality worse, and it also impacts her life quality. 
After taking sleeping pills, Kylie found that she was dependent on it and made her feel drowsy in the morning. 
In order to change this situation, Kylie decided to find a new non-drug way to improve her sleep quality. 

Name: Kylie

Age: 25


Income: $175.000 (A03 Kids and Cabernet) 
Location: Living in a house with his family in Charleston. Occupation: Programmer in Apple 
Because of Covid, Max starts to work from home and move to his hometown in Charleston with his family.  
He needs to follow the California schedule since his other team is still in LA, and this leads Max has Jet lag issue of the four hours difference between the two locations.  
Due to the heavy workload, his sleep quality is low. He often has difficulty falling asleep or waking up during the night. 
Max is very interested in high-tech products and likes to try new things, so he hopes to find a comfortable and healthy way to help him improve sleep quality.

Name: Max

Age: 42


Income: $125.000 (F22 Fast Track Couples) 
Location: Live in a house in the suburbs of Atlanta with her husband. 
Occupation: Medical Student of Columbia University 
Iris enjoys her job as a novelist, but this job makes her sleep schedule daily mess.  
Due to her job, Iris has poor sleep quality, and she often suffers from insomnia and anxiety when the due date is approaching, so she has to take sleeping pills. 
This year, Iris and her husband plan to have a baby. In order to ensure the health of their baby, Iris decided to look for a non-drug product that has no side effects on fetal development to improve sleep quality.

Name: Iris

Age: 33



  • No side effects, no dependence, no intervention in the body, safe and convenient to use.

  • Sound waves can improve the quality of sleep. 

  • The light source provides users with a good sleeping


  • The price will be higher than sleep drugs or traditional APP.

  • People have concerns about power consumption, product life, 
    user experience, and after-sales service.


  • The sleep aid products currently in the market have a single 
    function and a high repetition rate.

  • People's high acceptance of high-tech products.

  • People’s generally negative attitudes towards sleep drugs.


  • The same type of high-tech sleep products in the market. 
    Such as BOSE white noise sleep buds and Philips Smartsleep.


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